1. What is CODL?
Ans. Centre for Open and Distance Learning

2. What academic programmes are available in CODL?
Ans. B.Sc. Computer Science

3. Do you have part-time course?
Ans. No

4. What course can I study under CODL?
Ans. B.Sc Computer Science

5. Can I apply for any University of Ilorin degree in CODL?
Ans. Currently, you can apply for only B.Sc. Computer Science

6. How can I apply for course in CODL?
Ans. Go to CODL website:

7. How much does it cost to study in CODL?
Ans: Fees are fixed and information on them are released at the beginning of each academic session.

8. What is the CODL school fess?
Ans: fees are fixed and information on them are release at the beginning of each academic season.
9. Where is CODL located?
Ans. On the mini campus of the University of Ilorin within with in the main city, it is between and Adewole housing Estate.

10. Who can apply for CODL courses and programmes?
Ans. All categories of people who have interested in University education and have met the minimum entry requirement.

11. What are the minimum entry requirements for admission into programmes?
Ans. Go to CODL Website and click on entry requirements for admission into the degree programme of your choice.

12. Do I need Internet access as a student of UNILORIN CODL?
Ans. Yes.

13. What learning materials will I have access to?
Ans. There will be variety of course materials ranging from pdf, word documents, and videos to downloadable course materials, Open Educational Resources, CDs and Flash Drives.

14. Can I pay in instalment?
Ans. Yes.

15. What happens if I have to stop studying for a while?
Ans. There are procedures for official suspension of study. That means that an official request for suspension of study must be approved and resumption of study will be linked to this. Students are therefore not free to suspend and resume their study at will.

16. How can I apply?
Ans. Click on codl link on the University of Ilorin Website at www. and follow the instructions for completion of application formalities.

17. How long is an academic programme?
Ans. The range of academic sessions allowed for completion of CODL programmes are specified in the Students’ Handbook.

18. When will degree and diploma programmes start in CODL?
Ans. Watch out for the advertisement on the University of Ilorin website.

19. What are the admission requirements?
Ans. Seek guidance in the Students Handbook.

20. Do I need to be on campus for lecture?
Ans. Students will be exposed to online education and in addition participate in a scheduled period of physical contact for revision of their courses and examinations at the end of the semester.

21. How can I make payments for course materials?
Ans. Through the CODL portal on the University of Ilorin Website and make payment for course materials along with other registration requirements.

22. Does CODL charges tuition fee?
Ans. Yes.

23. Will the degree be equivalent to that of a regular student?
Ans. Degrees on CODL are equivalent in all respects to those on the University’s regular programmes. All ramifications of standard, quality, personnel, course contents, assessment and grading are comparable.

24. How can I reach CODL when I want?
Ans. The Centre operates a 24-hour Help Desk.