1.   Do I need Internet access? Yes.

  2.  What learning materials will I have access to?  Ans. Courseware in different media format.

      There will be variety of course materials ranging from pdf, word documents, videos etc.


   3.  What courses are available?

       Ans. B.Sc. Computer Science


    4.  Can I pay in instalment?  Yes.


     5.  What happens if I have to stop studying for a while?


    6.  How can I apply?

      Ans. You can visit the CODL Site (


      7.  How long is an academic programme?


       8.  What is CODL?  Centre for Open and Distance Learning.

       9.  What are the admission requirements? Ans. check CODL site

       10. Do I need to be on campus for lecture? No.

       11. How can I handle payments for course material? Visit the University of Ilorin Website


        12. Does CODL charges tuition fee? Yes.

        13. Will the degree be equivalent to that of a regular student? Yes.

         14. Will I go for NYSC after completion of my course? Yes


         15. Do you have part-time course? No.

         16. Do you operate 24hrs help desk? Yes.